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We provided an extended period warranty for our customers in the following circumstances. 

  • Flaws in craftsmanship and materials, as well as guaranteed jewelry repairs and services. 
  • The restoration includes the parts and labor required to repair issues that arose through regular use of the jewelry by the conditions under which it was designed. 
  • It could also include ring resizing or re-shanking, clasp replacement, broken chain repair, worn or broken prong repair, broken earring post repair, and other similar repairs, depending on the jewelry style.

Circumstances of Invalid Warranty

Here are the conditions where our customers will not attain any after-service no matter if the product is under warranty. 

  • Excessive or harsh treatment has resulted in harm to the jewelry. 
  • The warranty does not cover rings that have been reset or whose labor is performed by another jeweler. 
  • It also excludes loss, theft, accidental abuse, and damage to the jewelry as a consequence of failure, an act of God, stones 1/5ct or greater, as well as any consequential losses or loss of use resulting from the broken or damaged jewelry.
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